cropped-front-cover-for-online.jpg“Extremely well written and exceedingly more responsible in its handling of Revelation than its fictional predecessors.”
J. Ed Komeszewski, Th.M., coauthor of Reinventing Jesus and Putting Jesus in His Place

The Pavlodar Airport police cruiser was a Russian Lada Oka 2525—a small hybrid built for local travel. When it rolled off the assembly line in Togliatti on the banks of the Volga, it had a high-tech engine that ran on a mix of ethanol, gasoline, and solar-generated electricity. The battery could be double-charged by plugging the vehicle into a normal household outlet overnight. It didn’t have much power. It didn’t have much speed.

Security officer Ulzhan Kuandyk was a handyman mechanic who preferred carbon-monoxide emissions and the exhilaration of acceleration. He saved up his money and replaced the hybrid engine and its transmission with a 20th century imported Ford V-8 and four-on-the-floor. On his days off work, he drove to an abandoned military airstrip outside Pavlodar. There, he pretended he was a race-car driver. That little Oka could do 175 kmph by the time it was halfway down the runway. But lately, the old pavement was crumbling, and it wasn’t safe to race there anymore. Instead, Ulzhan Kuandyk imagined the streets of Pavlodar were a professional automotive obstacle course.

“You drive very skillfully,” Imanghari commented nervously as the Oka sped down the near-deserted city streets. “Is there no speed limit in Pavlodar?”

Ulzhan glanced at his passenger in the rearview mirror. “I am a policeman,” he said, “on a mission to deliver an abandoned farmer to the comfort and haven of his brother’s home. Nothing will get in my way! No one will catch up with me.”

“I’m not in that much of a hurry,” said Imanghari, “that we need to break the sound barrier.”

“I normally don’t go this fast,” Ulzhan admitted, “but we are being followed.”

–an excerpt from PUSH: Is This The End, the first book of the apocalyptic fiction series Eleventh Hour

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